The BRICS bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, represents over 25% of the world’s GDP and 42% of its population. By 2030, these nations are expected to constitute more than half of the global GDP. However, they face unique governance challenges, including sustainable development, digital transformation, financial inclusion, and data privacy. In this context, the public sector plays a crucial role in addressing these issues and driving social and economic progress. 

In 2024, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur will host a conference themed ‘Innovation in the BRICS’ Public Sector.’ The event aims to create a platform for knowledge sharing, innovative solutions, and dialogue, focusing on intertwining public administration with sustainable development, digitization, and ethical leadership. Attendees include academics and public and private sector leaders from the BRICS countries. The conference’s ultimate goal is to promote prosperity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

This conference will bring together international experts and guests, practitioners and academics, private sector participants, and government representatives. They play a specialized role in carving out a place within the developmental community for:

  • Identifying and addressing evolving issues
  • Strengthening development research and practice
  • Exploring potential collaborations and partnerships across boundaries of disciplines and sectors.

Sponsoring this conference focused on public sector innovation can bring several benefits to the sponsoring organization:

  • Enhancing reputation by showcasing the organization’s values, progress, and revolutionary solutions.
  • Access to diverse and influential networking opportunities.
  • Marketing and branding opportunities by reaching a wide range of audiences.
  • Aligning with CSR goals by addressing societal challenges.

Some of the previous successful symposiums/conferences are the following:

2022– The Fifth International Symposium on Development and Governance in the BRICS, hosted by National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE University), Moscow.

2019– The Forth International Symposium on Development and Governance in the BRICS, Rua Itapeva 432.

Join us in making a difference!

The available sponsorship options for the conference are as follows:
Sponsorship Package: Financial contribution to enhance the conference experience. Refer to the table below for the benefits provided within the chosen sponsorship package.
Customized Sponsorship: Support specific conference aspects aligned with your organization’s interests. This may include sponsoring the visit of speakers, networking lunch/breakfast/dinner/snacks, digital marketing, trophies
BENEFITS PLATINUM Above INR 1000,000 GOLD INR 300,000 – 1000,000 SILVER INR 100,000 -300,000
Sponsor banner(s) on the conference Venue
Sponsor-specific space on conference Venue (video, website link and email details)
Sponsor banner / Logo on email correspondence to conference delegates
Brief introduction of your organisation in email correspondence to conference delegates (rotating between sponsors among scheduled emails)
Special Invitation to CEO/CMD/MD as chief guest to one of the functions (inaugural/valedictory)
Acknowledgement during conference
Logo on conference program and website
Keynote speaking opportunity for a senior executive in a relevant conference session.
Opportunity for chairing panel discussion /being panellist at a relevant conference session
Sponsor shout-out on social media and media releases
Best Paper award in the name of Sponsor (Faculty)
Best Paper award in the name of Sponsor (Student/Scholar)
Best Case award in the name of Sponsor
Mention of Sponsor’s name in the conference proceedings
Full complimentary conference participation (excluding CEO/CMD/MD) 5 pax 3 pax 1 pax
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